3 Must know skills for every blogger

Whatever may be the niche of your blog; there are many skills that you ought to know other than just being able to write articles related to your niche.

One might say that instead of learning these skills, a blogger can hire skilled people.

But in the initial days of your blogging career, you might not be able to do so, since it may not be feasible on your part. Without further ado, let’s quickly learn about these skills.

1. Web designing:

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It is a must for a blogger to change the design and add new things to his blog from time to time. This will ensure good feedback from users and the design will be up to date.

Suppose you find readymade snippets from other blogs for different widgets and other kind of customizations. You wish to add them to your blog, since you found them interesting. But sometimes, undesirable errors may come once you click save template. It may also be that you need to modify the colors (or something of that sort) to suit your existing template. That becomes a problem when you are not a programmer. This is when you start feeling that you should have been a coder.

Web designing consists of HTML and CSS (mainly). Learning these will help you customize your blog according to your liking.

You may learn these free, from the internet, or if you want a course, it will not cost more than Rs. 4,000 (~$80).

2. Graphic designing:

Graphic designing is another important skill every blogger must learn. You can make a good banner (refer these personalized church banners), logo, header image, facebook cover, easily if you know Graphic Design. It helps in branding, and makes you look professional.

While writing an article, you can use your skills to design illustrative images (all by yourself!) relating to your post. You wouldn’t feel the need to search images from Google every time and add them to your post.

You also have a chance to show your creativity there.

Imagination and brainstorming would fetch you lot of ideas. Whenever you get such ideas, you can scribble them on your notepad.

You can learn for free, from tutorial sites, otherwise courses cost about Rs. 3,000 (~$70).

3. Writing skills:

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Writing skills are the most essential skills every blogger must have.

Every blogger should write the articles well keeping the reader’s perception in his mind. Content should not be lengthy and boring.

But you must make sure to not make the read very dry on the reader’s’ part. It is advisable that you must improve your writing skills on your own by reading other blogs of the similar niche.

The Final Verdict:

Learning these skills will be a plus point for you, designing skills can always add up as an additional skill in your resume.

You can get a topic to blog and share your views, advices, experiences etc. when you have a blog containing articles of a similar niche.

You can join a recognized institute to learn these skills; or, you can also learn them yourself by watching YouTube video tutorials and reading tutorial sites.

On having learnt designing skills, you can also become a freelancer and start giving your services (just like NamanyayG!).

Author Bio: Prathamesh Kamath is an Electrical Engineering student in the University of Mumbai. His interests are Blogging, Technology, Programming, Computers, Android Apps, Gadgets and Gizmos. He is the founder and author at Technogeeky Journal where he blogs about Blogging Tricks, Android apps, Gizmos, Computers and Technology.

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