How to do X using Sequelize

I don’t know about you guys, but I always have an annoying time trying to figure out how to make Sequelize work — the documentation seems to have a dearth of examples. Here’s a few examples for “common” functionality.

Get plain objects instead of Sequelize Instances after bulkCreate

.then(results => => result.get({ plain: true }))) // Convert to plain
.then(items => console.log(items)) // Plain object array [{...}, {...}, ...]

Pretty easy, use .get({ plain: true }) on any Sequelize instance to convert it to a plain JavaScript object.

Sequelize bulkCreate but ignore any duplicates

models.Item.bulkCreate(values, {  
    ignoreDuplicates: true 

Just use the ignoreDuplicates option and pass it as the second argument.

Deleting a row

Delete is called destroy, use it as so:

    where: {
        id: 42

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