3D In 2D Canvas

In my recent simulation of an AC generator, I show the same device from two different views: A top view and a front view. To accomplish that, I used a clever technique called 3D Projection. Here, I'm going to talk about how I did that in JavaScript and rendered it on canvas.

Jade locals with Gulp

One of the coolest features of Jade is the concept of locals: An object that can be passed to the compiler and used in the Jade code, allowing better separation of content and templates. Ideally, these locals are held in an external file.

Checkout git branches through your browser

Most git workflows involve use of multiple branches for different sub-tasks, example, a new branch for an alternative layout for the homepage. However, managing braches on the server quicky gets tedious - SSHing in, navigation to the correct directory, then running git checkout <branch> - is tiring for all, right?.

Using gulp at MakeUseOf

At MakeUseOf, since the start of the new theme, we simply wrote plain 'ol CSS and normal JS. No cool stuff like concatenation of compression or minification. Plain code, edited and uploaded through Filezilla.