How I improved tenfold as a JS developer

The reason for me starting JS was out of plain curiosity to play with the DOM. You might all know how learning goes these days—I started and completed the CodeAcademy course, read a few blog posts—and thought that I was great at JS.

4 must-subscribe newsletters for a web designer

To stay at the top of our fields, us web designers have to be up-to-date to everything that's going on in the design and development world. One easy way to keep informed about everything is to subscribe to newsletters, whether weekly or daily, and get articles straight to your email.

My workflow when working with clients

As most of you must know, I offer web design and development services, and as a package, logo design. In this post, I'll be outlining how I manage clients, how I communicate, at what milestones I charge, and what tools I use.

Analyzing Nokia’s new responsive website

Note: This post is simply about the design of the new website, more accurately, is an analysis. Here, you won't find who did what, statements from people responsible and CEOs, thoughts of their staff on this, etc — you'll find an honest and detailed analysis of their design.