Simple image uploads in Meteor

While working on a simple online yearbook for my high school class of ’16 in Meteor, I ran into the issue of uploading images to Meteor. Turns out, it’s not uncomplicated at all.

I messed around with CollectionFS, but unfortunately had the issue of images not loading and returning 503s, or taking a long while to load.

I decided to turn to the most popular and developer-friendly image host I know: Imgur.

I used the simple:imgur package. The upload() function takes two arguments, options and callback.

The options require an apiKey, the Imgur Client ID and image, the base64-encoded image data string. The callback function receives two arguments, the first being a Meteor.Error object and the latter being an object containing the response from Imgur.

apiKey: Registering an Imgur Application

The first step is to get an apiKey by registering your application at Imgur’s OAuth 2 page. We need to choose ‘OAuth 2 authorization without a callback URL’, and once done, get the client ID (You’ll get an email about it, too).

image: Converting file to base 64

In the submit event of my upload form, I add a line to get the file that the user uploaded:

var file = $form.find('input[type="file"]')[0].files[0]  

I also check if the file is an image or not:

if ( file && !file.type.match('image.*') ) return alert('Upload must be an image')  

We’re now going to use the FileReader API to get the base-64 representation of the image.

We’ll need to create a new reader and add a function to it’s onload event, where we handle the image upload logic.

var reader = new FileReader()

reader.onload = function(e) {  
  // holds the file's text

We’re going to convert the text into a Uint8Array, convert it to a string, and then finally use btoa() to convert the string to base-64 encoded ASCII string.

I directly do this in a convoluted one liner and a custom function inside an options object I created to call Imgur.upload().

var options = {  
  image: btoa(uint8ToString(new Uint8Array(

The uint8ToString function is simple: it converts the Unicode values we get from the Uint8Array representation of into ASCII strings, which can be converted to base-64 easily.

function uint8ToString(buffer) {  
  var length = buffer.length, str = ''

  for ( var i = 0; i < length; i++ ) {
    str += String.fromCharCode( buffer[i] )

  return str

And with this, we’re able to create our options object easily.


I created a data object to handle all data entered in the form by our user. In the Imgur.upload() function, I add to it.

Imgur.upload(options, function(errMsg, imgurData) {  
  if ( errMsg ) return alert('File upload failed. Please upload an image of a smaller file size')
    var imgData = {
      deletehash: imgurData.deletehash
    } = imgData

I only store the two important parts of the response: the link to the file and the deletehash. I can easily show the file by using <img src="{{ }}">.

And we’re done!

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