3 must read web design blogs in 2012.

Web design standards are continuously changing. You can never be a good web designer, unless you are up to date with the latest design trends. Even a month old knowledge is outdated in the field of web design. To be along with latest web trends, you need to be updated with happenings in the design world, which design blogs tell about the best. Along with keeping you up, they often include tutorials, quizzes, freebies, and go into depths of each portion (Example, Responsive Web Design, Modal boxes, F layout, and the sort).

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This article will tell you about three must read design blogs, which will keep you up, and teach you about the ever changing standards.

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Why should I read them?

Very good question. This shows that you haven’t read the intro at all.

If the Intro didn’t communicate the point to you, I’ve got more points to convince you to read design blogs(especially if you’re a freelancer).

  • Keep you up to date with trends.
  • Have lists containing  inspirational designs, which get you in your most creative state.
  • They have freebies, which come in handy along the road.
  • Community (comments) to ask questions, receive answers, and have discussions on the topic.
  • Make you learn new design, thus (usually) making your work easier.
  • Introduce you to new concepts, such as grid system, modal boxes, responsive design and more.


Blog #1 – Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

Smashing magazine is one of the best design blogs. The articles are lengthy and detailed, and provide many real world examples. The design of the blog itself is very clean, fonts used are nice, and whitespace is used well.


Best thing about Smashing Mag

  A clean and simple design, huge archive of content.

Worst thing about Smashing Mag

Sometimes, topic are a bit too advanced for a beginner.


Blog #2 – 1stwebdesigner

1stwebdesigner logo

1st web designer is another great blog. This blog, however, is inclined a bit to freelance as well. The style of writing is amazing, it has short, to the point posts, with catchy titles. The posts are very well written, though may not be detailed, are sure interested.


Best thing about 1stwebdesigner

Style of writing posts, direct, definitive posts.

Worst thing about 1stwebdesigner

The design, and the fact that posts sometimes are not detailed much.


Blog #3 – Webdesign Tutsplus

Web Design from the envato network is another great design blogs. It has a lot of tutorials for design, tips and tricks, and often case studies and community projects. It has a great community. Also, has much more freebies.


Best thing about Web Design tutsplus

Has the best community, workshops.

Worst thing about Web Design Tutsplus

The design, IMO, isn’t that great.



There are other acclaimed design blogs as well, but, the three I have shown are simply the best. Others do not match their standard. It maybe because their writing is weird, navigation is tough, or there is less focus on design content, the point is, that I dislike those blogs, and didn’t think they were worthy to make the list.

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