4 must-subscribe newsletters for a web designer

To stay at the top of our fields, us web designers have to be up-to-date to everything that’s going on in the design and development world. One easy way to keep informed about everything is to subscribe to newsletters, whether weekly or daily, and get articles straight to your email.


Sidebar is definitely one of the top newsletters in the design world. Curated by Sacha Greif, it delivers 5 best links of the day, straight to your email.

4 Must Subscribe Newsletters As A Web Designer
Sidebar by Sacha Greif

UX Weekly

UX Weekly—Another favorite of mine. This one would definitely be the first, if only it was as frequent as Sidebar. Curated by Simon. As the title suggests, UX articles and tools, delivered every week.

4 Must Subscribe Newsletters as a web designer - UX Weekly
UX Weekly, by Simon

CSS Weekly

Curated by Zoran Jambor, CSS Weekly is a weekly roundup of CSS articles, tutorials and tools.

4 Must Subscribe Newsletters for Web Designers - CSS Weekly

RWD Weekly

Responsive Web Design Weekly is a newsletter having tutorials, tips, and articles—but the best thing is that it also conducts interviews, which are always fun to read.

4 Must Subscribe Newsletters Web Designers - RWD Weekly

That’s the end of the list! Where do you go to know about the current web design events?

Edit: Jake Bresnehan tweeted me about Web Design Weekly, a weekly newsletter that he curates. Check it out, it looks cool!

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