5 best free fonts to use on your website

Typography is an integral part of design. Just adding decent typefaces to a design can drastically change the overall look and can change the viewers mood. Here, I’m going to show you 5, awesome fonts, that are sure to make your design better.

1. Open Sans

Open Sans all glyphs

I can say without hesitation, Open sans is pretty much the best font. It is flexible (can be used for business sites, fun sites, pretty much all niches), it has loads of styles (light, light italic, bold, and so on)

Any type of site, this font would be suitable. It goes well with sans serif fonts, like Trebuchet MS, Tahoma.

This font is used by Google itself.

Download the Font.

Use the Font online.

2. Roboto

Roboto Font Glyphs

Roboto is another good font to use in content. It is more condensed than open sans, which is pretty wide.

Roboto font is playful, as well as strict. See the “e” for example. The tail of the e isn’t straight, but, is slanted. This adds a playful dimension to the font. (The same can be observed on “g”, “r”, “t”, “y” and more)

Roboto is the official font of Android 4.0, ICS.

Download Roboto.

(Sadly, Roboto isn’t available on Google Web Fonts. You’ll have to use Import, or something else to use this font.)

3. Droid Serif

Droid Serif Font

Droid serif takes serif fonts to a whole new level. It sure is beautiful, but it’s specialty is something else. It is the most legible serif font.

Yeah, that’s right. This is the font that can be used BOTH in print, as well as web design, without any issues of legibility.

All designers know that on smaller sizes, serif fonts aren’t that good for web display. This all changes, if you are using Droid Serif.

It looks perfect at every size. A must use font.

It was used, along with Droid Sans, previous to Android 4.0

Download the font.

Use the font online.

4. Nixie One

Nixie One Font Glyphs

This is one font in the list that cannot be used for content. The reason being, it stops getting legible on smaller sizes.

But, this beautiful font, is great to use for headings. It can be classified as a serif, but as you can see, it’s serifs are different from the rest, they are just beautiful.

Do give this font a thought while choosing one for your site’s headings.

Download the Font.

Use the font online.

5. PT Sans Narrow

PT Sans Narrow Font Glyphs

PT Sans Narrow is another font, that should be used for headings. It doesn’t degrade in small sizes, it just doesn’t look good, and there are other fonts that could be used.

The Bold style looks exceptionally great while using for headings.

One thing I like about this font is the “Q”.

It is great for use on posters as well, as you might have seen condensed fonts being used.


This list sure does has great fonts, but, there are loads of fonts, that may suit you better than these. Always,be sure that you pick a font depending on the style of your website. (For example, Jokerman won’t look good on a business site, will it?).

(Protip #1 – Droid Serif and Roboto when used correctly, can add “fun” to your style, while maintaining seriousness.) 

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