5 free slab fonts from Google Web Fonts

Slab fonts are usually thick, bold fonts, with emphasized serifs (those little flair thingys at the end of letters).

They are best for grabbing attention, and were traditionally used on billboards, posters, and the sort. These days, slab serifs are getting more popular on the web, and thus the amount of fonts available is risen.

This post will show you 5 beautiful, free Slab fonts (that are available on Google Web Fonts!), which you can use for your next project.

(Note. These are in no particular order)

#1 Rokkit

Rokkit on Google Web Fonts | Rokkit on Font Squirrel

Rokkit Font

What I like – 

  • It’s thin. It’s thinner than most slabs.

What I dislike – 

  • Not suitable for smaller sized text, it’s a bit ‘squishy’

 #2 Arvo

Avro on Google Web Fonts | Avro on Font Squirrel

Arvo Font

What I like –

  • Lower case is made well.
  • Great on all sizes.
  • Perfect weight, can be used almost everywhere.
  • It has a human touch to it, most slabs are geometric.
What I dislike – 
  • The “human touch” isn’t always good.
  • I find the C and G extremely weird for some reason.

 #3 Alfa Slab One

Alfa Slab One on Google Web Fonts | Alfa Slab One on Font Squirrel


What I like – 

  • A good, bold font.
  • Great for typography.

What I dislike –

  • Not the font for everyone.
  • Needs a large font size to look well.

#4 Josefin Slab

Josefin Slab on Google Web Fonts | Josefin Slab on Font Squirrel

Josefin-slab font

What I like – 

  • Josefin Slab is one of the thinnest slab fonts.
  • It’s lobes are really well done.
  • The ampersand sign is amazing!
What I dislike – 
  • It being thin is a disadvantage for many.
  • It’s size is a bit smaller than usual, so you’ll have to increase the size when using it.

#5 Crete Round

Crete Round on Google Web Fonts | Crete Round on Font Squirrel Crete-Round Font

What I like –

  • Has a lot part done in the classic ways, less geometric
  • Again, a perfect fit, like Arvo.
  • The character “x”

What I dislike – 

  • The font is too rounded, which may not be suitable for all.

Final Words

Slab serifs are great to use as headings, they give an authoritative look, while a few are fun at the same time. These were just a few slab fonts I found, and they’re are still many more at Google Web Fonts. What’s your say on Slab fonts? Do you like, or dislike them?

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