Design like you’ll post it to Dribbble

Recently, I’d say I’ve been ‘plagued’ with creating designs that are in my ‘comfort zone’ and are simple and easy for me to make. I haven’t been innovating, in my opinion.

And I would make great excuses for it — “Man, he’s a low-paying client, don’t spend too much time on this. Work quickly and then spend your hard-earned time on Reddit”, or, “Just get this done, no one cares if it’s pixel perfect or not”. I rolled with this for a while.

Until I logged into Dribbble after a long, long, while, and thought: “What have I made that I can post?”

And then I realized how I was half-assing work and that I had made few things worthy of posting over the last one or two months.

I felt bad, I felt disgusted, I was disappointed with myself.

Dribbble, for me at least, is a place where I only top-notch work that I’m proud of, nothing else (Exception: WIP). It was a shock when I realized that I had nothing to post, even though I had designed a lot!

So finally I decided that I’ll work hard and design sites that I can proudly show off. After dabbling around a client’s site for a short while, this was the result.

Not the best, but it’s something that I’m proud of, and something that I posted. And that’s what matters.

So designers, stop being lazy, start caring, and start designing as if everyone will judge you for that one design.

Design like you’re going to post it to Dribbble.

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